The Unholy Trinity : The Dark Lord, Baby Dragon and Cici The Diva

I am certainly the last person of the unholy trinity to blog about this. And by ‘unholy trinity’ I’m referring to Baby Dragon aka Bahiyah, Cici aka Azirah and me. Not funny, sorry. I’ll try to be more sensitive in the future. =.=

Well, a few centuries ago (that’s how it felt), I met Cici. It was on one fine evening. We (my mom and I) were picking up Bahiyah for her ConvEx dinner and Azirah joined us. I was dressed in one of the worst outfit I owned, had absolutely no make-up on and was making all sorts of cheesy jokes during the entire journey (bajet jauh sangat la M04 ke KOMCA). But Azirah accepted me and my flaws with open arms. Cewahh… ^.^

Well, fast-forward to a few days (or weeks, excuse my amnesia) ago, the three of us went out together. It was the day after Raya Haji. I was in my class (nerds don’t skip class), just like half of USM population, and I was extremely hungry. I was, figuratively speaking, starving to the point of death. Cici and I started tweeting and whatsapp-ing each other. Telling how hungry we were. So we decided to go out and have lunch together.

So as soon as the lecturer ended the class, I bolted out and ran (I never run, don’t believe me) to my car. I went to the library to pick up my dearest Cici. It was the first time I’ve ever met Cici alone, without Baby Dragon. N I thought it was gonna be awkward. But surprisingly, IT DIDN’T!!! Cici was so warm n kept laughing at my cheesy jokes (again).

Anyway, we went to Queensbay, had lunch at Pizza Hut (I was the official hand-raiser, waiter-caller and orderer, and none of those words exist, I think) then we watched The Escape Plan (it was an awesome movie btw).

The Dark Lord and Cici’s initial intention of going to McD was swayed by the intriguing aroma of pizza. Over sangat~
The Dark Lord and Cici The Diva
The Dark Lord and Cici The Diva
I've told ya. We were starving to death.
I’ve told ya. We were starving to death.

After we finished the movie, we went back home, I meant Starbucks, and Cici belanja us our favourite drinks~!!!! I got my caramel macchiato and Baby Dragon got her green tea frap. Heeeee~~



Cici attempted my trademark peace sign pose~ hehe
Cici attempted my trademark peace sign pose~ hehe

We chat and talked and gosipped for hours and hours. Then we decided to unleash our inner Gorbachev and launch a perestroika. We granted Epul and Syifa (keh keh keh) admission into the unholy trinity. It now turned into the Group of Five (move over US, UK, Japan, Germany and France. We r the new G5!!). Haha. I apologise for the lame jokes.

The Group of Five
The Group of Five

Anyway, we went to Papa Rich for supper.  Continued talking and laughing. Then we finally went home (or in Cici, Epul and Syifa’s case, room). Heeee ~~


It was a great day. I had lots of fun hanging out with you guys~!!!

Everyday I'm Dumblin'~!!!
Everyday I’m Dumblin’~!!!



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