5 Things I Love The Most

I haven’t been updating my blog (P/S: I thought Azog’s son’s name is Blog, but when I re-checked, it is actually Bolg. I’m disappointed, I had a good time laughing at his name) for quite some time. I’m back so I’m just gonna list down 5 things I love most in life. Here we go!

1. The Morning Sun


 I really love the sun. Not the skin-torching blazing-hot 2p.m. sun. I’m not crazy. I enjoy walking under the morning sun. The weather is usually breezy and cooling around that time of the day. And what makes it special is the warmth of the sun that makes you feel like you are being covered by an invisible blanket. And I find that feeling heavenly beautiful.

2. The Beach


The beach is the place I would run to when I’m feeling down and miserable.  Lucky for me, Penang is surrounded by ocean.

3. Nightview


Need I say more? All the bright lights and cool breeze, it’s heaven on earth.

4. Hot Drinks – Coffee, Tea, Milo, etc.


The thing I must do every morning and night ; drink something hot.  I could drink an entire pot of tea all by myself. And every morning,  I need to at least drink a cup of coffee, tea or Milo or I’ll be cranky. If I’m rushing, I’ll take it with me and drink it in the car. I also tend to have trouble sleeping so I have to drink something hot before I go to bed.

5. Books


I do enjoy reading. But I don’t always have the time to do so.  Reading is kind of a new hobby I picked up. Back in high school, I wasn’t an avid fan of reading. I read but I didn’t particularly like it. Meaning, I would have done something else if I’ve a choice.  I used to read because I was at the library all the time. But now I actually enjoy it. It’s fun! ^.^

So, yeah, that’s it. Till we meet again!!!


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