Diary : 26.12.2013

So I decided to do this post out of boredom. It’s 12.30 a.m. right now. I’m (supposed to be) studying for my exam. I have my first paper on next Monday (30.12.2013) which is in 3 days. But, obviously, I’m procrastinating. Let’s analyse what I’ve done so far. I finished Season 5 of Big Bang theory. I’ve started watching Season 6.


I have to wait for, I dunno, 7 hours I think, before I get to continue playing Candy Crush. So I installed a new game on my phone, Turret Commander. It was kind of fun.


I installed Dayre, a social-networking / blogging app Bahiyah forced me to use,  some time ago but I never really used it. But I’ve been stalking Xiaxue’s dayre and start to get a hang of it. Maybe I’ll try using it soon. But the app is kinda lousy. It takes forever to load and u need super stable internet connection to use it. Who has that?


Since today is , yesterday was a public holiday, it seemed like everybody wants a break. So nobody cooked. So it was officially ‘Leftover Day’. So I just take some leftover spaghetti and sauteed some garlic and shrimps, and there I have it, my meal. Bahiyah had eggs benedict. Something I would and could never enjoy because I don’t like egg yolks. We didn’t take a picture of it so I just googled some photo for reference.


I’ve also been spreading Bahiyah’s survey to my friends. The survey is really fun. Too bad it is only for males. I would have totally answered it if I’m a male~!! Lol.

Anyway, It’s 1.10a.m. So I guess I have procrastinated enough. Time to get back to studying. Good night~


4 thoughts on “Diary : 26.12.2013

  1. I did take the picture of my benedict, but i bet it doesnt really serve any purpose to you. where’s yo spagetti? no picture for me to gawk at? tu la.. makan x ajak…

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