The Unholy Trinity Reunited

Beautiful star with the crimson lips
And flagrant daffodil hair,
Come back, come back, in the shaking ships
O’er the much-overrated sea,
To the hearts that are sick for thee

A Fragment by Oscar Wilde

After almost a year, my heartfelt plea was finally granted and we, the Unholy Trinity were finally reunited. I had abundance of fun during our last meeting and I deeply miss Cici. Like the words of Oscar Wilde, my heart is sick for thee~

This post has been long overdue. Months long. So enough with the pleasantries, onto the post.


It all started with Azirah and Syifa asking me to help them with their thesis. Not research-wise. (P/s: They major in Mathematics and they’re talking about banks and stuff in their thesis. I don’t understand those things) The help that I’m referring to is grammar-checking. And that, I can do.

I don’t accept cash as the payment of my service, I prefer to let people owe me a favor (like a mob boss). And I intend to collect it someday. Maybe 20 years later when I need a loan to ship in weapons or plutonium. But Azirah is smarter than I expected. And like a smart badass girl, she offered to treat me to Sushi King. Like what…!!!!! I can never say no to that~!!!!


So there goes my evil plans. Instead, I devoured sushi and sashimi to my heart’s content.



I don’t think Azirah knew what she was getting herself into when she offered to treat me to Sushi King. That’s like making a deal with the devil. A sushi-and-sashimi-loving devil.


Look at those salmon~!!!!! I just died and gone to sashimi heaven~!!



Since Syifa has never tried sushi before, Azirah, like the good friend that she is, ordered rice and tempura for Syifa. To let her taste buds get used to the heavenly taste of Japanese food.




Bahiyah ordered this udon dish. It was ‘Black Pepper Udon’. It came with this stove, is that what you call it? This stove kept the dish steaming hot, or should I say volcanic hot.


As if we haven’t had enough Japanese food, we had Tako after we watched a movie. I thought I was gluttonous for always ordering two boxes of Tako for myself. And then came Azirah with 3 boxes of Tako, just for herself!

Jokes aside, even though we don’t always see each other or go out together, we aren’t even in the same class or course, we practically had nothing to hold us together, nothing except sheer friendship.


Azirah awed me with her courtesy and generosity. After dropping bucks (real amount is not to be disclosed) at Sushi King, she went on to offering to pay for her own movie tickets and share the cost of the movie F&B. After I profusely refused to accept the money, she offered to pay for gas. And God knows, she was very very persistent. That amazes me because this is the first time a friend offered to help pay for gas after I drove them around. Most people usually just stopped at “Thanks”. I don’t really mind. If I want to claim the gas money from you, I would usually openly ask for it (Hint: if I do, that means I don’t consider you as a friend). And most people usually make up for it by offering to pay for the parking ticket and or buy me some food, which is kind enough for me. It’s not the money that counts. It’s the thought that touched me.


Both Azirah and Syifa are very friendly and freakin’ hilarious. I guess it’s true what people say, birds of the same feathers flock together, or joke together? Haha. To be honest, when I first met Syifa I thought it would be awkward and she would be very shy and wouldn’t want to talk. That’s how most strangers act around me and that bugs me to the core. But she didn’t. Haha. We gossiped like we’ve known each other for years. We complained about certain things, you know, normal stuff. But you know how certain people tend to get carried away with the whole gossiping thing and it escalated into some poisonous b*tching session about something, or someone? And you just get turned off and refuse to say anything anymore.


These girls don’t do that. Haha. I actually enjoyed chatting with them. They’re great listeners. And even better at talking. Their Mama raised them well. ^.^


Azirah and Syifa will be graduating this November (thanks to my help with their thesis, ehem). They have already been accepted to pursue their Masters in USM. I guess this is not the ending after all. See you soon~!!!!


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