♥♥ 2014 in a Glance ♥ ♥


So 2014 is over and whether you are ready or not, 2015 is here! Like always, I didn’t really do anything on New Year’s Eve. I had two exams on 30th & 31st December. I was pretty tired from all of the late-night studying and I also had flu. So I ushered in the new year from my bed with a cup of tea while editing a video of 2014 which I’m uploading to Youtube right now.


I’m not sure if I’m exactly excited for 2015. I’m part excited and part anxious of what’s to come. It’s gonna be a big year, with lots of changes. I will be going for my Latihan Mengajar in Perak, Bahiyah will be going to KL for her internship at L’Oreal. We will also be graduating this year. I’m planning on doing my Masters as well. And Bahiyah will most probably start working. We finally have to come to terms with the harsh truth that we are now adults and we will be separated. We can’t just hang out together whenever we want anymore.  *sobs*

But before that, I wanna do another year review like I did last year. I think it’s a good way to remember what had happened in 2014. So here we go!




As usual, we celebrated new year by studying for exams.

swee yean

I didn’t do anything much on 1st January, but on 2nd January I went out with my best (more like crazy friends) from St. George’s, Jolene and Swee Yean.  We had dinner at Kapitan and later Jolene cadangkan to go watch 47 Ronin at GSC. Jolene was the one who introduced me to K-Pop back when nobody even know who Dong Bang Shin Ki is. She was also the one who taught me how to write and read Hangul (she’s a very strict teacher btw hahaha). Swee Yean was the one who kindly offered the seat next to her to me. She obviously didn’t know what she was getting herself into. Haha. She was, is, very environmental friendly and often scolded me when I left the fan on while I teman Jolene wait for her school bus. She also like to sleep in class, not just dozed off, it was a very deep sleep. Diane, Denise and I, on countless occasion, doddled on her hands and cut strands of her hair while she slept and she didn’t even noticed.



On 12th February, Mama and Tok went for Umrah.

anjung budi

After a short semester break, we were back in USM. This photo is when we had lunch Anjung Budi with Mama.


We discovered how cheap Chico’s tea is in comparison to this…





In March, Bahiyah had to attend a 1MET talk, so I went with her.

sushi king

Mama also got me hooked on sushi. I never liked it before but she made me like it. So the following day, I went to Sushi King for Sushi King Bonanza with May.

And this is May in case you were wondering. hehehe~


Bahiyah also started working at a small bakery in QB. I didn’t because I’m a chicken.

bahiyah work

(Disclaimer: the bakery has disappeared into thin air together with its owner) They made delicious chocolate muffins which are extremely overpriced but I still bought them. YOLO!

dinner convex

At the end of March, we finally had the long-overdue Convex dinner. The theme was something about the Great Gatsby and Black and White which I thought was ironic because 1920s was not about black and white~

convex dinner



In April, Haniffa enlisted in PLKN.


My family then went on a holiday like any good family would. Haha

holiday 2

I remember how much I enjoyed it.

holiday 3

We even went to a late-night screening of Captain America and gawked at Chris Evans.

tesol dinner

On April 25th, TESOLians also had a dinner/outing. They let Bahiyah to tag along. It was a whole lot of fun!!!


Siew Wern got a deal on Groupon for us. We went to a restaurant in Penang Times Square. It was worth the money!! It was a buffet. All-you-can-eat sashimi and sushi~!!! (they also have other food btw) And everything is made after you ordered!!!! We did have to wait a little longer but at least the sashimi was fresh~!!!




May started off pretty rough. Someone broke into our house while we were sleeping. Nobody noticed it. We only realised it the next morning while Mama was getting ready for work. Our windows were removed and the grills were broken. We spent the day running around trying to do some damage control. Calling banks, trying to track down stolen phone, doing our ICs, etc. Thank God everyone’s safe.

golf resort

We also went to Kedah to visit my brother who was in PLKN. We stayed at a golf resort while we were there . The place was heavenly. But tok freaked out and got really grumpy because we kinda got lost and couldn’t find the way to this place.

mothers day

We also celebrated Mother’s Day in May!!! We went to Kenny Rogers because it is Tok’s favourite restaurant (besides her own kitchen).


We were approaching the end of our six semester. So there was a lot of assignment submissions. This is a board game May and I made for The Fruitcake Special. We cracked our brains to make this. And we worked really hard designing it and trying to make it look like a store-bought board game. Look, I even made it foldable~!!! Haha

het 227

I also had to make a video for Dr. Munir’s assignment. We had to do a report and a video on assigned topics and I got Coordination. I didn’t want to make just another boring grammar videos, so I decided to put in a little bit more effort to make it look, what do you call it,  dramatic!!!

het 227 2

het 227 3

het 227 4

I’ll probably upload the video someday. I just need to tweak it a little.




June started really well~ No, it started great~!!! We had a ladies day out with Jaja and Bayah. Bayah wanted a taste of this lifestyle~ haha So we gave it to her~

twg with bayah

That excitement~ hahaha

twg with bayah 2

And the sisters, of course, need to act like proper ladies~

sushi king with azirah

In the same month, Azirah also treated us to Suhsi King because I helped proof-read her thesis~!! *major love* I dedicated an entire blogpost for this outing here.

The rest of the month was just studying and exams.



mas 2

July was bulan puasa. And it was also semester break. ConvEx started their gerak kerja so Bahiyah and I decided to take Mas out for berbuka puasa.


Bahiyah and I also went to an early screening of The Fault in Our Stars at TGV. Bahiyah just coudn’t wait. We went to watch it again later with Mas and Akif.


And then it was RAYA~!!!!!

raya 2

It was great to have all of the family back home. We got to hang out and spend time together.

raya 3

Since Iman wasn’t there with us the last time we went to TWG. We decided to take her there.

raya 4

We also went for a late-night screening of Transformers with Paksu and Auntie Aishah~



While going through my social media accounts trying to find some details of what happened this year, I realised that a lot of fun things happened in August.

open house

First we had an Open House for Raya and Bahiyah invited our friends from ConvEx.

sggs reunion

Then I went out with Ezza and Najwa, my best friends from St. George’s. Nina was also part of the gang but she is working in Ipoh so she couldn’t make it.


We also went out with Alya. She’s a friend from USM. Her aunt is my mom’s friend. And as it turned out, she is also our senior from St. George’s. We went to Paragon and watched The Expendables and Ninja Turtle.

reunion sggs 2

Then I also went out with Swee Yean (again) and Yoha. Swee Yean and I knew Yoha from our tuition classes at GTC. Yoha was back from Russia for her semester break. Swee Tean was back home before her graduation (which was on the next day). She also started working right after her graduation. So this is like her last hang out with us as budak2 before she became a working adult. So proud of you~ *tears* hehehehe

parit buntar

Then we went to Perak for the weekends and I had my first experience of, what do you call this thing? Golok buah? Is golok even the correct term?

eida surprise

Then on 19th August, Eida decided to come back to Penang.

eida surprise 2

It was a surprise visit for her parents. She didn’t tell her parents that she was coming back so I went to pick her up at the airport at midnight and then drive her home.

eida surprise 3

A few days later, I went out with Eida. Bahiyah was working as a research assistant at that time. So we had to wait until her working hours was over.After picking up Bahiyah, we went to Seoul Garden. We planned to go to Penang Hill after our meal but we ended up spending the night talking and chatting. Haha~

mas 3

On another day, we took Mas out on an outing. Mas told me she wanted to go watch that Scarlett Johansson movie, (what was it called, I just checked) LUCY when I took her out for breakfast some time ago. But when we went out, she had already watched it (you traitor) so we ended up going to Eden for dinner and later went to Rainbow Paradise to hang out.



eida surprise 4

I started my September by hanging out with Eida. We went to a coffee house and Eida finally had her first affagato~!!!

eida surprise 6

Later, we went to Penang Hill (finally).

eida surprise 7

I’ve never gone to Penang Hill at night.  And it was actually really beautiful there at night. I made a video on it.

1st day

On 8th September, we started our seventh semester. I didn’t have any class on that day but Bahiyah did. I just went to USM to fetch her to class. Then I went to SoLLaT to handle my add/drop issue. After Bahiyah finished her class we went to Gurney and watched The Giver.

tesol dinner 2

On 13th September, TESOL had another dinner. We went to Northam Hotel.

tesol dinner 3

We had to deal with our unit pengijazahan  issue throughout the entire week. The administration wanted to increase our unit pengijazahan. So of course, all of us refused and were enraged by the issue. Our lecturers helped to settle the dispute on that Friday before we went for our dinner. So this dinner felt very celebratorious~!

eida surprise 8

On 16th September, Eida and us went to The Moustache Houze. It was our last hang our together before Eida flew back to Jordan.


Then on 19th September, my family and I went on a short trip to Cameron Highlands, Seri Iskandar and Tambun. I made a video on it.



azirah kaffa

On 2nd October, I fetched Azirah tot he airport. She was flying back to KL for Raya Haji. We had brunch at Kaffa. I made a video on it.

raya haji

On 5th October, it was Raya Haji. Not many people came home. It was just us and Pakcik’s family. It was quite lonely.

bday dinner

On 13th October, May arranged a small dinner at Seoul Garden to celebrate Siew Wern’s and my birthday.

bday dinner 2

On 16th October, Azirah treated us to a birthday lunch at a restaurant in Gurney Paragon.


Bahiyah also took me to E&O to celebrate our birthday. *happy*




USM Convocation was on November. It was raining very heavily on Cici’s graduation day.

bukit merah

On 21st November, TESOLians went on a short holiday at Bukit Merah.

love in penang

When we came back to USM, May, Siew Wern, Johnson and I rushed to film our LOVE IN PENANG video.



tok hoptal

On early December, Tok was hospitalized for heart problems. The effect of her old bypass surgery is starting to fade. They had to insert something that they call a ‘balloon’ in her blood vessels to expand it.


Then on 13th December, we went to watch Hamlet at Straits Quay. Bahiyah’s Children Literature lecturer, Dr. Suzanna, made it compulsory for her students to go watch it since it was organized by the School of Humanities and the School of Arts. But it was a good experience.

habbit 2

At the end of December, Bahiyah and I went to TGV cinemas at Paragon to watch The Hobbit. We made a promise earlier last year that when The Hobbit came out we will go watch it in the Beanie cinema. So we did.


It was kind of sad though that this movie marks the end of The Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings trilogy. T.T

exam 2

On the 30th and 31st of December, Bahiyah and I had examinations. So that’s how we ended our year.

It’s been a great year. I felt like it went by really fast. But that is most probably because a lot of things happened this, I mean last, year. Here’s to new beginnings~!!

Photo by Bahiyah Khalid

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