My Reverse Bucket List

At the beginning of every new year, people are always racing to create a list of things they would like to accomplish within this year. To be honest, I have never been a “bucket lists” or “resolutions” kind of person. And that is because 1. I always forget about it. 2. I am more of a one-mission-at-a-time kind of person. Having an entire list of (ambitious) things to do will make me unnecessarily anxious. 3. I thought having a list of things to achieve will leave you with a sort of myopic vision of your life. Eyeing on specific things rather than enjoying it as a whole.

But I’ve started to see the fun in making bucket lists and resolutions. Bahiyah’s influence perhaps? Bahiyah has 365 (or more) things to do in her list while I’m still stuck at number 3. Haha

So I thought, it’s a new year, new beginnings, why not make a reverse bucket list first, so we can remind ourselves of the wonderful things that I have done and achieved in my short lifetime. So, here is my Reverse Bucket List (not in chronological order).

1. Went on a cruise.

Breakfast on Star Cruise
Breakfast on Star Cruise

I have been fortunate enough to went on a cruise a few times, albeit it being only for 2 days and 1 night. It was courtesy of my mom’s company. She got a good discount for it from her company.


It was a very wonderful experience. Especially if you are like me and you enjoy the sea. The wind on the ship was very strong and made it very inconvenient for photo taking. And once the ship has gone far enough, you will be surrounded by nothing but darkness. But guess what, I love it!

2. Ate at E&O.


I’ve ate at E&O twice. Once for my mom’s birthday dinner and once for my birthday lunch. It was Bahiyah’s treat. It is quite expensive but the food was A-MA-ZING!!! The workers were very nice to us too. One of the restaurant managers even gave us his booklet of vouchers and we used it on that very day! So kind!

3. Tried archery, fencing & gymnastics.

I don’t have a photo for any of it. They are all quite fun but I am also not good at any of it. Bows are actually quite heavy. Fencing was, well, wasn’t very fun for me. I find it to be quite boring actually. Gymnastics is actually interesting. But it would be more fun if you start training when you were still young and flexible. I could do the bridge, but sadly that’s all I could do. I can’t do the splits or somersault.

4. Played percussion instruments.

I joined the band briefly when I was 13. I quit soon after that since 1. I can’t read score sheet. 2. The seniors in the band were very mean. But playing percussion instruments like the drum and cymbals are actually fun. There are different techniques in holding the drum sticks. It was fun to learn. I wished I had stand up to the bullies and kept learning.

5. Tried ab sailing.

I tried ab sailing when I was in school. They let us come down from the third floor. It was quite scary when you first started it. Trying to twist your body and bringing it down the wall. I was holding onto the rope so tight that my hands had blisters afterwards.

6. Tried kayaking.

Kayaking was suuuuuper fun! Especially when you do it alone. It is very calming to be in the middle of a lake alone and getting to enjoy the tiny waves without people disturbing you.

7. Tried yoga.

I joined the yoga club when I was in school. I didn’t know what yoga really is at that time or what it’s for. So it was quite an odd experience having to hold certain poses for a long time. It was challenging trying to maintain balance. But now that yoga is all the rave, I’m glad I’ve tried it before.

8. Went camping (several times).


Thanks to USM’s Pimpin Siswa, MPDT & Kelana, I got the chance to go camping a couple times. I went camping at Tanjung Harapan twice. It is a tiny little island. It is so small, the entire camping area is the island. We went on boat rides to a forest nearby. It was fun. I’ve also camped at Padang Senget in USM a few times. And it rained once when we camped and as the name suggests, the camping area was slanted so we had rain water rolling down through our tents.

9. Rode a horse & fed animals.


I know this isn’t that big of a deal for some people. But I was raised in a city. I don’t see animals everyday. And when I do, I tend to keep a safe distance between myself and them. I’m even scared of cats for God’s sake. So, when I was in St. George’s, we always had horses at our school events. They let us ride the horse around the field. So I decided to give it a try. It was quite scary at first, being so high up on a horse. But I really enjoyed it in the end. Haha

10. Joined a flash mob.

Joining a flash mob isn’t something you get to do every day. I mean, how many people can say they’ve joined a flash mob. Haha

11. Fed the homeless.

After one of our gatherings during ConvEx, we had some leftovers. My friends and I decided to pack them up and head to Komtar to distribute them to the homeless.

12. Visited orphanage homes.

St. Joseph’s Home – 2013
Wisma Yatim Perempuan – 2013

13. Watched theater performances.

My first experience of watching theater performances happened when I was in primary school. My mom took us to watch Jula-juli Bintang Tujuh. When we were studying in USM, there were a lot of theater performances. And we got the chance to watch a couple of them as well.

14. Played an escape room game.


This escape room game is all the rave now. They have a few rooms to choose from, with different mysteries to solve. You have one hour to escape from the room by solving each clue. It was so much fun!! One of the rooms I’ve been in had a corpse in it. Another had one of those laser things that are always in spy games!

15. Made a giant board game.


I got the idea of a giant board game from the time I went to a convention with Dr. K. I made this board game for my English Bootcamp at SMK Seri Perak.

16. Sat around a fire.



17. Had McD breakfast by the beach.


18. Went to Penang Hill at night.



19. Went to Genting Highlands.



20. Learned how to edit videos, photos & audios.


21. Learned foreign languages.

During my final year in USM, I managed to slot in a foreign language class and got to learn Espanol~ hehe

22. Started wearing tudung without having anyone forcing me to do it.

A lot of people grew up having to wear tudung because of their family or because of society. I know in a lot of places, wearing tudung is a norm and if you don’t wear tudung you will stand out too much because everyone else is wearing it. And I know people get ostracized if they don’t wear tudung in this society. But growing up in Penang and going to St. George’s, wearing tudung was never something you are forced to do. It’s completely up to you and people don’t give you shit if you don’t. So when I decided to wear tudung all on my own, it was an empowering experience for me. Knowing that I chose to do it, it was my decision.

23. Joined Star Walk (a few times).

My mom has been making us join Star Walk every since we were kids. Now it’s called Heritage Walk I think. You walk around Georgetown and pass through all of those famous street arts. It was fun.

24. Went to a matriculation college outside Penang (Kedah Matriculation College, KMK).


This was the first time I lived in a hostel.

25. Got into USM, my first choice of university in UPU.


26. Moved to Parit Buntar.


27. Taught at a school.


28. Finished my Degree.


29. Learned how to drive (manual).


A friend once said “Driving may be a common skill. But driving manual is a dinosaur skill.”

30. Got a job!


For most of us who are not born and raised with a silver spoon in our mouths, getting a job is not only a dream but a necessity. Ever since I finished my study, there has been an intense pressure on me to get a job. So when I got my first job as a lecturer’s assistant, I was grateful. But when I got a job at an international school, I was ecstatic. The feeling of being financially independent, being able to support yourself and your twin sister *ehem*, and having the capabilities to give money to your family and support their expenses, is so satisfying!



There are many other things that I did not include in this list. Mostly because I could not recall them at this exact moment. But it had been very fun reminiscing the old days. The things that I used to dread, hate or think wouldn’t matter in the past turned out to be great memories and amazing milestones. This actually made me wish I had done more. That’s a good reason to make a bucket list. *wink*



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