Snobbish Workers at High-end stores

I recently saw a post on FB of a girl ranting about snobbish salesgirls at a high-end store. She was frustrated that these salesgirl treated her poorly (notice the pun?) just because of her appearance. In her post, she talked about how the salesgirl or salesman (not to be sexist) keep emphasizing the price tags to her as if she couldn’t afford it. And when she went to the counter to pay, they said “ni je?” or “that’s all?”. That might be an innocent question from their side, but if accompanied with an unfriendly tone, it can sound like an insult. Personally, I wouldn’t take it too seriously. But I can understand how this would offend her, or anyone really.


And the sad thing is many people agreed that they too have had similar experiences. If you don’t believe me you can search on Youtube for videos of people ranting about MAC salesgirls. There are many, let me tell you.


It’s hard to say why these things happened. It could be that the salesgirls just had a bad day. Or it could be because the customer just felt inferior going to a high-end store dressed in plain clothes. [Or the salesgirls could really just be bigots.]


Whatever the reason is, this kind of action is inexcusable.

So why would anyone act this way?

  1. They are affected by society’s mindset.

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In our society, one’s income class is often judged based on their appearance. And yes, it is a very wrong and distorted way of judging people. But most people tend to judge people this way. So if you wanna be the bigger person, break this mold and don’t judge people based on their appearance. Once you let that sinked in, you won’t be bothered about other people judging you based on your appearance.

2. They have never gone to a store dressed in plain clothes.

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The girl in the FB post said “you’re not even the owner of the shop” to the salesgirls/men, which is true. They only worked there. But that doesn’t mean they are beneath you. You’ll never know if they actually come from a very rich family. They might be filthy rich and have never gone to a store dressed in plain clothes. That’s why they couldn’t emphatise with your situation. They have never done it themselves. But trust me, one day they might and  they will finally understand your situation.

3. They themselves have been treated that way.

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Most evil actions are done as a form of revenge. To some people, when they can’t do it to the person who treated them that way, they will do it on others. This is called projecting. Maybe they could not afford the things at high-end stores and was treated badly for it. So when they see someone come in dressed in simple clothes like they usually would, they would assumed that you too can’t afford the things in the store. So instead of sympathizing, they project their anger towards you.

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People say age brings wisdom. To a certain degree it is true. But the thing that really brings wisdom is experience. After you’ve experience certain things and have been in certain people’s shoes, you will have a bigger understanding about why things happened or why people act that way. But if one remains in one’s comfort zones and never branch out, one cannot be wise. So you can assume that these snobbish salesgirls/man are still immature and unwise. But once they’ve experienced the same situation you were in, they too will be more empathetic.


Until our society’s mindset changes, here are some advice that I can give you.

  1. Be confident. 


If you are going to the store to buy something or even if you just wanna window-shop, you shouldn’t let the way you dress affect you or make you feel inferior. Nobody ever said you have to dress up fancily just to buy make-up or clothes at a high-end store, or any store for that matter. Don’t think about how people will judge you or think you’re poor. Just go in, head held high and do your thing. Wearing T-shirts and slippers doesn’t mean anything. If you feel like the salesgirls/man are insulting you, just confront them about it. Tell them “I feel like you’re insulting me and I do not appreciate it.”

2. Don’t try to prove anything.

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Just because the salesgirls/man offended you with their “you are poor, you can’t afford this” BS, don’t go on a major haul and buy everything just to make a point. Why? Because first, you WILL be poor now since you’ve wasted your money buying all those stuff you don’t need from people you don’t like. And chances are, you will regret it once your post-shopping euphoria subsides. Secondly, making (or pressuring) people to buy spend a lot of money in the store is what salesgirls/man do. They are paid to make people spend money in the store. And they might be paid more if they have huge amounts of profits under their belts. You don’t wanna give them more money after they’ve insulted you, don’t you?

3. Just leave the store, file a complain and don’t buy anything.


Luxury brands always care about their customers. Lodging a complain about their workers will be helpful for them to monitor their brand’s image. You will be doing them a favor, and you know why?


Going to a high-end store shouldn’t be a nightmare. The people who worked there shouldn’t be too. Don’t be afraid to venture into high-end stores. This, too, is an experience that can help you grow and make you wiser.



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