Goodbye, WordPress

I’m at work now so I’m gonna keep this short. This is mainly for you Cici since you’re probably the only one reading. I will no longer use WordPress to blog. I liked it but it’s getting a little too limited. There isn’t much function here. So I will be going back to Blogspot : … More Goodbye, WordPress

Bahiyah Khalid : The Three Virtues

Have you ever read Cruel Beauty by Rosemund Hodge? It’s a beautifully written novel. I’m not usually one for love stories. But I especially loved this book because it featured a pair of twin sisters, Nyx and Astraia Triskelion. These sisters were born into a kingdom that was ruled by demons. And Nyx, even before she was born, was chosen by … More Bahiyah Khalid : The Three Virtues

A Tough Year

2015 flew by really fast for me. It’s December 1st, 2015 today. We are just days away from the end 2015. This time of year, for most people, is a time of reflection. And I guess, when you are approaching the end, you start thinking about the beginning. This year, I’ve written several posts that reflected my thoughts on a … More A Tough Year

What’s Your End Goal?

The clamour of the exaggerated importance and effectiveness of a college degree has been getting louder. It could’ve just been social media, continuously highlighting every single complaint and opinion people have. But more and more CEOs (or so they said) have been complaining about the quality or shall I say, lack of quality of graduates nowadays. And … More What’s Your End Goal?

English Pun Salah Ka?

Last week, a post went viral on Facebook. A Malay lady was asking for public’s help to retrieve his father’s stolen bag which contains his vital medical reports. I don’t know if anyone helped her, I hope someone did. But what made the post went viral was the fact that she was insulted and mocked for writing her post in English. … More English Pun Salah Ka?